Thomas M. Daunais, PhD

Reducing food-borne pathogen testing from days to minutes

Daniel T. Sheidy, PhD

​Senior Scientist

Core Team

Thomas M. Daunais, PhD- ​Founder and CTO, This innovative platform sensor technology is the brainchild of Dr. Thomas Daunais, an 8/2013 PhD recipient from Michigan Technological University, and founder of Upland Nanotech.  Dr. Daunais has deep expertise in sensing applications and micro-device design, micro electro-mechanical systems, and device fabrication.  With over 8 years of micro-fabrication experience, he serves Upland as CTO and leads product development.

Daniel Sheidy, PhDSenior Scientist, Dan performs all biological research and development for Upland Nanotech, and works on optimizing the interface between electronics and biologicals. He has a PhD from the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Michigan, and a BS in Molecular Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh.​​