​​​Who we are:
Upland Nanotech LLC has a high performing team of Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Biologists, and Chemists that are passionate about improving world safety and well-being.

What we do:
Upland Nanotech LLC has created a patent pending, fast-acting sensor system that can detect and identify bacteria, viruses, and other organic and inorganic targets in aqueous solutions in less than one hour. Upland is currently working on developing a full product line for truly rapid food-borne pathogen testing.

Why we do it:
Conventional food-borne pathogen testing currently takes 24-48 hours just to identify the presence of a problem (up to one week for pathogen identification), causing an expensive bottleneck in food production. With Upland's technology, this bottleneck can be vastly reduced, as testing from a solid food sample can be accomplished in an hour or less with the added benefit of pathogen identification.Based on conventional semiconductor technology, Upland's biochip sensor based solution is capable of sub-femtomolar concentration detection, far superior to any test available today, which drastically reduces pathogen detection time.

Company history:
Upland Nanotech LLC was founded in November 2012 by Thomas M. Daunais, PhD after several years of development and testing work on the core technology. Since 2012, Upland Nanotech has moved its base of operations to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here, several members have joined the Upland Nanotech team bringing additional biology, chemistry, product development, and engineering expertise to the core team. The company has been actively engaged in the further commercialization of the sensor technology, and has developed strategic partnerships with companies deeply embedded in the target markets.

Reducing food-borne pathogen testing from days to minutes